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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Quilting

Recently I have wanted to finish up some projects that have been in slow progress for some time.  

The Country Inn Blackbird applique quilt has come back from the quilter and I put the binding on it this morning.   I am so pleased with how it came out, initially I didn't like it because of the large block size, but quilted it looks so much better.   I like my applique quilts all over quilted because I prefer the appliques to be firmly quilted down.  I have never cared for the "puffy" applique look.

Another project that has been on the shelf for some time was the Country Quilts n Bears Christmas mystery from 2014.    I had ordered the kit even though I couldn't attend the class, so of course it took me a while to get this done !   I like the bright Christmas look, it is fresh and happy.   My kitchen has been grey/aqua for a while, and this year I plan to hang this one up there.
Here it is, ready for quilting.

Otherwise I have been doing some handsewing, which is my favorite anyway.   I am stuffing the large boutis and have neglected it this summer, it is so hot here that it's hard to have heavy items on your lap !  I started a hexie project from a Quiltmania issue, and am enjoying that - making hexies is addictive !

Happy Sunday Sewing !

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Country Inn

It has been a LONG time since I worked on this quilt top.   Lou and I did it as a stitch along, but of course she was finished much faster than me !    I got us the same background fabrics and shared some of my reds so we would have a similar quilt, and then we each did our own interpretation.   I have a few days off so was able to put it together finally, and today I will be piecing the back ready for the quilter.  
I left out the many Dresden plates, which I thought were too heavy for the border, and just added the central 4.  I found the pattern design for them too lumpy (so many seams in the middle) so I made them separately, cut out the bulky center and added an applique circle.

Of course Winston had to inspect everything !

Today I am working on getting some other (older) items ready for quilting !

Sunday, May 22, 2016

3rd Boutis Salon in Caissargues - France Boutis

Finally back and ready to report on the Salon !    I am sure that you have already seen (and I noticed many pins on Pinterest) of photos from the Salon.    We had a wonderful three full days of boutis, it is such a joy to be around like-minded people, and everyone working to promote the art of boutis, and increase awareness of this wonderful regional heritage.

Many thanks to Annie-Claude and Roger Pantel, who spend countless hours preparing along with many helpers, to put boutis on the world map.   It should be noted that this is all volunteer work.   While there are shops and commercial participants, most of those showing their work do it for the love of boutis.   We share because we want others to enjoy and appreciate it.

That being said, let me share some photos !   There are many reports on Facebook and various blogs, and I have shared what I can on my Facebook page, you can find me there as Heather Harteneck.

Hiromi debuted several new patterns this time, and as always with Hiromi's work, they are delicate, elegant, and perfectly stitched.   I took a  few antique pieces to help decorate our booth, and Lou brought some of her beautiful boutis as well.  We are both working on large pieces (Lous is XXL ha ha !) so hopefully by next time we will show those finished.

 Before the opening ....

 Marie's magnificent boutis

 Marie's tree of life, done in colored thread and exquiste stitching
 France Boutis - the theme this time was the jupon, and there were many magnificent antique and modern pieces on display.   I was very impressed with a gorgeous, perfectly stitched example in white done with grey thread, it is glorious and tells the story of that lady's life.   We stitch all the things that are important to us into our boutis.
 Annie patiently explaining a technique
 The cheerful ladies from Lei Roucas in Pierrefeu

 The well-known and elegant work of Kumiko Nakayama

 Mme Born
 Georgette with her lovely pieces, she has made so much
 Example of jupon
 The wonderful jupon of Chantal ..... beautiful cognac silk and her exquisite designs

 details of Chantal's jupon
My antique piece shown against the light.   It was in the back of our booth and of course did not show to its best as the designs show more clearly with transparency.  

The Provence newspaper Midi Libre was kind enough to come and interview the three of us - and the next day a nice photo and accurate interview was printed.   I was thrilled that our ideas were shared and that I managed to express them in decent enough French that the reporter understood !!!   That pic is on facebook.

A huge highlight for me was the opportunity to meet Mme Andree Gaussen, without whom none of us would have discovered boutis.   She was the first person to revive this art, and for many of us, her book was the first one we ever owned on the subject.   Mme Gaussen, a young lady of 94 with a bright spirit and interest in how boutis has developed since she re-introduced it to us, not only visited the salon one day, but came back again because she did not see everything the first time !   Photos of her visit are on various blogs and facebook.

Many reports on the salon are on blogs and facebook, here are a few - there are many better photos than mine !


Boutis divins
Marie S
France Boutis

So now it is over until 2018.   Pick up your needs and get stitching so we will have new marvels to admire then !

Monday, April 25, 2016

Boutis - 3rd National Salon in Nimes (Caissargues) 5,6,7 May 2016

Finally it's here !    Next week I will be helping at Hiromi's stand, together with Lou.brochure boutis 2016-1 There will be many booths with well-known boutis artists, clubs and associations displaying their work, lots of wonderful patterns of antique boutis, modern ones by the incomparable M Hubert Valeri, but most of all - fabulous boutis to admire !

If you are anywhere nearby, make sure you attend - you will not be disappointed.   It is amazing to think of the thousands of hours invested in the pieces displayed, not to mention the talent and patience required.

Hiromi has a number of new patterns designed especially for the salon, as well as all her other delicate and elegant designs.

I am taking a few antique pieces with me to decorate our booth.   Last time, 2 years ago, there were a couple of visitors who recognized our blogs - so please, please stop by if you do !   It's so nice to meet people we have had contact with virtually.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

11th Boutis Meeting at Pierrefeu du Var - 5th and 6th March 2016

It is the time of year again where the Boutis is honored at Pierrefeu du Var.   Henriette and her wonderful group of passionate boutis stitchers put on a beautiful show each spring in their village of Pierrefeu.

If you are nearby, definitely go and visit them.   Even if you are further away - don't miss this opportunity.   I have never been able to be in France for this but I hope to one day.   As you can see, there is a comprehensive list of clubs, artists, independent stitchers as well as two haberdashers and a bookstore.   If you go - send me photos !

 Bientôt les Rencontres autour du Boutis ;  c'est le moment de réserver
le weekend des 5 et 6 mars 2016.
Les exposants :
Boutis de la Vallée du Gapeau - Solliès Pont
Cousi Cousette - Puyloubier
France Boutis - Caissargues
JuscoBoutis't - Pontevès
L'Escolo de la Targo - Toulon
Le Masque et la Rose - Marseille 
Les petits points - Collobrières
Les Boutisseuses Uzetiennes - Uzès
Lei Roucas dou Barri - Pierrefeu du Var
Lou Suve - La Londe les Maures
Ouvrages d'Autrefois - Sanary-sur Mer
Ouvrages Divins 83 - Le Beausset 
Ouvrages Divins des Bouches du Rhône - Chateau Gombert
Rescontre Provençau - Puget-Ville
Annie BONIN (Nini petits Boutis) - Barjols
Sarkis DERDERIAN - Décines
Dominique DIAZ - Tourves,
Simone FORTIN - Toulon
Georgette KODJABACHIAN - Marseille
Dominique LEROUX - Toulon
Mireille MILLE - Corbières
Dominique FAVE - CREDO BOUTIS - Saint Lattier
Chantal GEOFFROY - Trans en Provence
Mercerie Colombine - La Valette du Var
Mercerie Nanou - La garde
Alain Bouquins - Hyères

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Petassoun with embroidered frill

I have had this petassoun for a while, but for some reason didn't write about it.   It is an off-white color, with a fine embroidered frill.  The petassoun itself is very  nice, one small mark which I hope to remove with washing, but I haven't done that yet.   The frill, which seems about the same age as the piece, is put on a little untidily in my opinion.  It makes me think that the person stitching knew her boutis, but less about how to finish !  See what you think ......

Against the pure white of the quilt, you can really see how cream the boutis is.

We have had much colder, some days very wet weather.   Doesn't seem to have stopped my hibiscus from blooming though !
This is "masked bandit" with curled petals and a brown shaded center.

This last bloom is huge - plate sized.

This afternoon I am planning on setting up my sewing machine for the first time since the beginning of December.  I also want to work on my Schwalm practice piece.  Happy Sunday to all.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Schwalm Whitework - Online Course offered by Luzine Happel

On this wet and windy day here in Florida, it would be great to stay home and start stitching on something new.   That will have to wait for later for me, but I do want to share something with you that I think will be SO helpful to stitchers wanting to try Schwalm.    As I recounted during the summer, I had the pleasure of visiting Luzine Happel at her museum in Eschwege.    She has a wonderful collection of breathtaking pieces, antique as well as the many perfect, beautiful pieces she has painstakingly stitched over many years.  You will be amazed by her sampler, and the ingenuity displayed in the many different patterns.

Luzine is very generous about sharing her knowledge, and her website is full of detailed, precise information to help everyone learn to make exquisite pieces.    Sit down with some coffee and plan some time to explore at her online home.

Her latest venture is to offer an online course with personal feedback.   I subscribed to this, and received my package this week.  There is a kit with everything you will need to get started, items carefully labeled with their source, as well as a spiral bound book with detailed instructions.   I am going to start this weekend !  The price is very reasonable, and tax is deducted for orders from the USA.  I was able to easily pay via PayPal, and the fee includes shipping.    So don't hesitate !   You will not be disappointed.
Photo from Luzine's blog my kit is exactly the same.

HERE is the link to the blog page describing the online class and how to go about signing up.

This is the hotel where we stayed in Eschwege

 Just a couple of the pretty houses in the town

I have no affiliation - just wanted to share something that I believe will make many stitchers happy.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year ! Prost Neues Jahr Bonne Annee 2016

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2016.   I have been talking about the coming year with some friends.   The last few years we have talked about a word for the year, something to refer to when we are struggling, and something that we feel might help us be more aware.   I still have not completely decided !   I think I need a word that will not just mean work or discipline, usually I choose something that I think will aid me in doing more, or better.   This year I need a word to help me live more fully and truly enjoy life.

So in that spirit, we had a walk on the beach at Honeymoon Island here locally.  The beach has been renourished and is glorious, fine white sand, glistening sea and warm temperatures - even on 1st January, it was 84 deg.F.    Someone had drawn 2016 in the sand with seagrass:
It seemed so perfect for the day.
One of the stitcher's traditions is to start a new project on the 1st of the year.  I decided to start one I have been keeping for several months.  Although the photos make the picture look white, the fabric is in fact a rich gold - Provence sunshine !  I needed to complete the pattern by adding a design to the "melons" that were left open by the designer so each stitcher could personalize her piece.  This is what I added:
I drew two small motifs and added them opposite each other.
 Imagine this as a much stronger gold color.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day and of course, a happy, healthy and successful year.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Mystery at Country Quilts

Yesterday was the perfect quilting day !  The 14th Christmas Mystery at Country Quilts in Clearwater.   I have been there since the very beginning, and have only missed 2 of them.  A fun day, a kit beautifully presented and cut in order, pretty decorations and extra fun items.  Two of my quilts have gone to live in France with Lou, and the rest are here with us.  One is not yet completed (you know how that is, in this case I didn't like one of the fabrics, silly isn't it ?)

This time there was a choice between modern and traditional versions.  I chose the modern, the fabrics are pretty and light and go well in my kitchen (similar aqua/grey color).    I loved the different versions completed by the different teachers, it gives a new perspective on what you can do with a simple pattern.

So here are some photos of the day - quality is not great as taken with my phone.

Roni and Janet

 Erin, Melissa and Deanna (who made the lovely decorations

Here is Susan with her traditional version of the quilt - beautiful poinsettia prints with gold accents.  The pattern was adapted from a Moda Bake Shop one - if you have never browsed the Moda Bake Shop, you really should - there are many great free patterns by some talented people.

This is what she did with the scraps - a table topper.  Susan is VERY good at making use of scraps and doesn't waste anything.

This is not the best picture, I should have taken another photo later.  This is the modern version, bright and fresh.   I made mine using only the grey and aqua colorways from the kit.   I wonder how it will look in the end !

Becky is a masterful applique artist, and this is her version.  There is a gorgeous papercut applique in the center, the background is a red print.  All the reds are raspberry reds.  This one is a showstopper.

 Pam is another very creative scrap user - she has made some amazing quilts.  For this she used scraps and made a beautiful border with different elements - asymmetric with one corner open, opposite an appliqued vine and leaves, and the other two corners have pieced blocks on point.
And the back was pieced out of fabrics she didn't want to use for the front of a quilt !
We all had a great day and signed up for next year - I hear that the pattern is already chosen and fabric choices are being discussed !